delete a file from a seeded torrent

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delete a file from a seeded torrent

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I've downloaded a torrent, after the downloading I noticed it contains some files I don't need. I want to delete them and keep seeding the remaining files - how can I do it? While torrent is downloading I can set 'Don't download' flag for individual files, but when it is seeding this option is disabled. Tried pausing, deleting extra files and rechecking but with the same result - it won't me set 'don't download' flag and tries to re-download missing files. Is there a way to do it which doesn't involve deleting this torrent? 1.3.15 linux.
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Re: delete a file from a seeded torrent

Post by shamael »


Well tricky. What can worth a try:
- delete the torrent (not data)
- add the torrent again in paused state
- apply the "do not download" to part you don't want
- force recheck the torrent
- resume it

(do not forget to point the torrent to the folder where files reside). A feedback will be welcome
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