Deluge ignoring upload limits with one peer only

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Deluge ignoring upload limits with one peer only

Postby nasflix » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:16 pm

Twice in two days I have caught Deluge uploading utterly flat-out when there has been limits in place. There was not enough upload slots, nor enough upload bandwidth for the peer to be getting what they were.

From my experience Deluge never breaks the limits, unless told to with a local peer.

The client I have seen has been one peer, someone on two different Sky Broadband IPs in the UK, using a client showing in Deluge as libtorrent_leap/ Looking into it this is perhaps Vuze leap, a cut-down version of Vuze. Either the official Vuze leap is somehow tricking Deluge, or this person has hacked Vuze-leap and is exploiting Deluge?

Attached is a screenshot, but it is not good. I took the screenshot after getting rid of the leech with

Code: Select all

root@torrent:~$ iptables -A INPUT --source 176.26.211.nnn  -j DROP
All the shot shows is the upload tapering off, but it was maxing my line (not a lot - 40k on a good day, it's a 3G mobile phone). Also, my^W The GIMP was in the way and so most of the screenshot was of The GIMP. By the time I took another screenie, the peer had vanished from Deluge.

I'm not trying to file this as a bug report, just as a WTF and hopefully as a heads-up if the WTF has any merit. I dunno if anyone has the infrastructure (to use an overkill word) to give Vuze-leap a try with Deluge?

FWIW Deluge is the one from Debian Jessie, 1.3.10. Plugins enabled are AutoAdd, DefaultTrackers, Execute, ltConfig, Pieces and Stats.
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