Migrate from Linux to Windows

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Migrate from Linux to Windows

Postby romprod » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:43 am

So I had a bunch of torrents running on a headerless Ubuntu box saved onto USB drives for a while, but this was only a low powered Intel NUC device so when I added a lot of torrents it completly over powered the poor Intel NUC device.

My aim was then to migrate Deluge from Ubuntu onto a Windows PC.

I had kept my torrents on a USB device formated as Ext4 mounted at /media/8tb. The issue was how to get the Windows Deluge client to read the torrent info from the /media/8tb path.

Here are the steps I ran through to achieve that.

    1 In Ubuntu grab a copy of .config/deluge and place somewhere safe
    2 Boot into windows and Install Ext2Fsd from http://www.ext2fsd.com/ and then do the same for Link Shell Extension from http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html#download
    3 In Ext2Fsd give the USB drive a drive letter and make sure you can browse to them in My computer, try writing and then deleting a test file to it.
    4 Created C:\media folder on my Windows HDD
    5 Used Link Shell Extension to create "Symbolic Link" into C:\media from the mounted USB drive and then renamed the created folder to 8tb
    6 Loaded torrents.state and torrents.fastresume intoe a program like Notepad++ and replaced each instance of /media/8tb/ with c:/media/8tb/. Save the files.
    7 Open core.conf in Notepad++ and change the following line as a precaution "max_download_speed": 1.0, This will stop Deluge trying to re-download the world if we've got something wrong somewhere.
    8 Copy the entire Deluge folder into ..\AppData\Roaming\deluge or wherever you have it stored replacing an existing folder if you have one already.
    9 Start Deluge as normal!

The only issue with doing this way is that Deluge is now re-checking my torrents, which for me isn't too much of an issue as long as I could get it all working in Windows fine! Maybe I've done something wrong here or missed something out which has made Deluge think that it needs to re-check my torrents. But it's not much of an issue for me!

Obviously your path will be different from mine so pay attention when changing!

Please Note: This worked for me, I'm not guaranteeing that it's also going to work for you!

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Re: Migrate from Linux to Windows

Postby willieaames » Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:52 am

Thanks, this is helpful.

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