[Plugin]Autoremoveplus 0.6.6

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[Plugin]Autoremoveplus 0.6.6

Postby jools772 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:36 pm


AutoRemovePlus is a plugin for Deluge that you can use to automatically remove torrents. It's based on AutoRemove 0.6.1 by Omar Alvarez, which in turn is based on 0.1 by Jamie Lennox.

This is a Gtk3UI and WebUI plugin. However, since there is not yet any gtk client for wndows for deluge 2.03, this part is currently untested.

New features:

First condition is still a minimum, but the second condition is now maximum. Play with these to accomplish what you want
New option that only applies to finished torrents: pause after hours, and remove after hours.
Connection to sonarr/lidarr/radarr to blacklist torrent and make the remove through those clients instead. But currently causes http 500 error. Works from command line though.

Cleaned up the inconsistent times from days and now it's in hours instead.


Select how many torrents are allowed at the same time.
Choose to remove or pause them based on multiple criteria age, seeders, seed time or ratio.
Set specific removal rules depending on tracker or label.
Remove only torrents from specific trackers or labels.
Only remove torrents if under a certain HDD space threshold.
Select if torrents have to fulfill both or either criteria.
Delete torrents in order (e.g. delete torrents with highest ratio first).
Don't remove torrents if they don't reach a minimum time (in days) or ratio.
Choose the removal interval.
Right click and select torrents that you don't want automatically removed.
Remove torrent data option.
Create an exempted tracker or label list, so that torrents that belong to those trackers or labels are not removed.
Fully functional WebUI.


Look for torrents to remove every hour:

Check every: 1

Remove every torrent that meets minimum criteria:

Maximum torrents: 0

Don't remove torrents unless Deluge has over 500:

Maximum torrents: 500

Delete torrents even if HDD space not under minimum:

Minimum HDD space: -1

Only remove torrents when the main HDD has less than 10 GB free:

Minimum HDD space: 10

Remove torrents that have an availability under 1.0 and were added 4 days ago or more:

Remove by: Availability, Min: 1.0, and, Remove by: Age in days, Max: 4

Remove torrents only according to first criteria:

black_small_square Second Remove by: criteria

Pause torrents instead of removing them:

black_small_square Remove torrents

The rest of the options are pretty self explanatory

Command line usage

copy mediaserver.py to a folder of your liking and cd to it.

edit /data/server.ini to include the url of your server and api keys for sonarr/radarr/lidarr, can be found under settings->general.


python3 mediaserver sonarr queue

returns sonarr queue

python3 mediaserver radarr delete --item=12345567

deletes and blacklists that item and returns {} if successful



python setup.py bdist_egg

The resulting AutoRemovePlus-x-py2.x.egg file can be found in the /dist directory.

If after building the egg file, the plugin does not load in Deluge:

Delete the AutoRemovePlus-x-py2.x.egg in /deluge/plugins directory.
Delete the AutoRemovePlus.conf files.
Restart Deluge.

Get it here:
https://github.com/springjools/deluge-a ... /tag/0.6.6

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Re: [Plugin]Autoremoveplus 0.6.6

Postby sp00kie » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:27 pm

When I try to activate the plugin I get

19:24:08 [ERROR ][deluge.pluginmanagerbase :1343] No module named 'past'
Traceback (most recent call last):

I've tried it with Python v2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 set as default.

In 2.7 When I googled the error, some people suggested installing a module called future. Did that. Same error.

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Re: [Plugin]Autoremoveplus 0.6.6

Postby shiftylilbastrd » Tue Apr 28, 2020 6:22 pm

Same. I can't get this to work at all either.
I'm running the linuxserver docker on unraid.

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