[SOLVED] No module named hashlib

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[SOLVED] No module named hashlib

Postby daozor » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:32 pm

fedora 12.
deluge cant run after yum update python to ver. 2.6.2

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[ERROR   ] 00:30:33 ui:146 No module named hashlib
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/deluge-1.2.3-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/deluge/ui/ui.py", line 127, in __init__
    from deluge.ui.gtkui.gtkui import GtkUI
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/deluge-1.2.3-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/deluge/ui/gtkui/__init__.py", line 1, in <module>
    from gtkui import start
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/deluge-1.2.3-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/deluge/ui/gtkui/gtkui.py", line 68, in <module>
    from deluge.ui.client import client
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/deluge-1.2.3-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/deluge/ui/client.py", line 37, in <module>
    from twisted.internet import reactor, ssl, defer
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/twisted/internet/ssl.py", line 191, in <module>
    from twisted.internet._sslverify import DistinguishedName, DN, Certificate
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/twisted/internet/_sslverify.py", line 9, in <module>
    from twisted.python.hashlib import md5
ImportError: No module named hashlib
[ERROR   ] 00:30:33 ui:147 There was an error whilst launching the request UI: gtk
[ERROR   ] 00:30:33 ui:148 Look at the traceback above for more information.

please, help.

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Re: No module named hashlib

Postby Cas » Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:16 am

this is a fedora problem that you should inform them about

to get it working you need to downgrade either python or twisted to the previous version

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