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Re: Autoconnect web UI to daemon

Postby mhertz » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:07 am

It would help to state first if you've followed the previously suggested FAQ entry to the letter...

For your conveinience, and to hopefully lay this thread to rest:

How do I auto-connect to a specific daemon?

Stop the Web UI before modifying the web.conf file.
Edit web.conf in config, find "default_daemon" and set its value to the daemon id in hostlist.conf
e.g. To connect to localhost you would open hostlist.conf as see a snippet such as:
Use the first entry from hostlist, which is the id and add it to web.conf:
"default_daemon": "123459d5a5b414159caa1323f6e0c9b240c7abcd",
Restart the Web UI.

Edit: Also, v1.3.14 isn't the latest version - v1.3.15 is, though unrelated to this issue I believe.

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