"Move Download Folder" dialog box design suggestions

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"Move Download Folder" dialog box design suggestions

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With the advent of Deluge 2.0 came the new "Move Download Folder" dialog box. I don't remember how the old one worked, but, in concept the new dialog box is a big improvement, but it still needs to work to make it more useful.

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$ \deluged -v
deluged 2.0.3
Python: 3.8.10
OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04 focal
If you look at the Destination dropdown,
you can see that there is neither enough space to display an entire path nor any way to resize the window so that you can see the whole path nor even a context-sensitive popup on the path listing that shows the whole path.

In addition, in order for any edits to the path listing (e.g., additions, removals, or reorders) to be displayed, deluge-gtk needs to be restarted which is annoying.

A drag-and-drop reordering might also be better than Up/Down.
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