Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

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Extremely slow speed compared to other clients

Postby bibyfok » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:55 pm


I have an issue on my computer:
Windows 10
i9 9900K
32 Gigs ram
Connection: Optical fiber 1Gb down / 300 Mb up

With Deluge my speed never pass 5Mb download, I use it 24/7 and I rarely see higher than that number.
I started invesigate, all ports are open correctly, and I tried to pu -1 to all settings.
I have use the same torrent with 500+ seeders on Deluge / Transmission / Qbittorent
Deluge: 5Mb/s
Transmission: 20Mb+/s
Qbittorent: 50Mb+/s

Test have been done on the same torrent, same private tracker few seconds apart.

I trieds ltconfig with Performance setting and speed goes up to 12-14 mb/s MAX, never seen something higher.

Could you please help me on making Deluge faster as I love this client?

Thanks !


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