linux daemon, Windows gui

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linux daemon, Windows gui

Postby lmp » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:44 am

Can anyone help me to get fully functional quite basic setup? 8-)
I have headless linux server running deluged, and like to connect to it from windows ui. Connection via ssh tunnel, port forward.
Everything would be fine, I can connect manage and add torrents, but I can't configure download spool and finished path from windows side, in addition if I add new download from windows client it is downloaded to Downloads directory in users home, not the place intended and configured before on server side.
I have used same setup before on linux ws with deluge gtk, everything was OK. ;)
Now in settings\downloads (don't know exactly names of menu items, as I have to use localized version) I can see as configured path "\" and if I try to change something there is no way to enter remote path, just local windows disk tree. :shock:

Any clue how to get windows client to obey daemons settings? of course classic mode is disabled.
Thanks, Cheers! :D

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Re: linux daemon, Windows gui

Postby Cas » Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:04 pm

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