Deluge "Remote Path" .torrent creation buggy?

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Deluge "Remote Path" .torrent creation buggy?

Postby Vectraat » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:30 am

So I ran a bunch of tests.

I'm not sure I trust the Deluge .torrent creation process when using "Remote Path". It seems glitchy. I ran it twice. The first time, it never created a .torrent file. When I re-ran the torrent creator, it instantly created a .torrent file when using a 16 MiB "Piece Size" for a 30 GB file. Using the exact same file and running the ruTorrent and qBittorrent .torrent creators with the same 16 MiB Piece Size - takes about 3-4 minutes on both clients, so I don't think that Deluge should be creating the same .torrent file instantly?

Does anyone else use "Remote Path" ?

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