How to stop deluge?

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How to stop deluge?

Postby saltedbread » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:43 am

I'm a bit new with Linux and experimenting with my Raspberry Pi. How do I know if Deluge is running from the terminal (SSH)? Does running the command deluge-web actually start Deluge or is that just the interface? I don't really understand what Daemon means.

If I start deluge-web does pressing Ctrl+X kill it? If I start it in background as deluge-web & then does pkill deluged work?

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Re: How to stop deluge?

Postby shamael » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:29 am

Considering no desktop on your RPI you have to install/start both Deluge and deluge-web. The first launch Deluge itself, the second one the web interface. About this topic you have 3 UI:
- deluge-console (to install if needed): manage deluge from the cli of your ssh
- deluge-web: a web server on your RPI, connection can be made from any web browser on another machine
- GTK client: the fat client you can install on a remote computer to manage the Deluge daemon on the RPI. Once configured it acts just like as it was on your computer.

On your RPI you can start the process and put them in background or better configure systemd service so both Deluge and Deluge-web start automatically and can be managed as a service. Example once service configured: "sudo systemctl stop deluged" will stop Deluge (the sudo if you're not root). Check the user guide: ... ce/systemd

Back to your question: to check if a Deluge process is running: ps -aux|grep -i delug
(anything starting with "delug" will be displayed)

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