Finished torrents show as "Paused". Is this normal?

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Re: Finished torrents show as "Paused". Is this normal?

Postby vertigoelectric » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:50 pm

To the best of my knowledge you can be caught by downloading, I've had this discussion with french people heavily monitored for torrent/streaming stuff. The VPN solution is a solution but the seedbox (rent server) is a better one following these people. Making the math (electricity 24/7 uptime, anonymous, etc.) makes this solution the most accurate but I guess it could depends of multiple factors.

Yeah. I don't know why but downloading has never been an issue. It's only when uploading/seeding that I've gotten "caught". Again, that was the other ISP (Verizon). I've been with Frontier now and haven't had any problem... yet.

BTW I'm feeding my Kodi box with torrent still seeding, meaning I move each torrent in a folder structure w/o issue. You simply have to make the move from Deluge. Even rename it (in Deluge) is possible w/o impact. But yeah as said and even if you've understood I'm strongly pro sharing this is not the point here :)

Well, I'm not just moving them to other folders. I'm putting them on other computers or USB drives. That sort of thing. The typical workflow (at least for movies) is: Download, move to USB, watch, delete. Some of them I hold onto for a little while. I even set up a "video" account on my private FTP server yesterday to share some with friends. However I don't even think I could keep seeding those because I remove them from the folders they come in, delete all files except the movie itself, and rename it. I'm certainly not "anti-share". Seeding torrents just makes me really nervous given my prior experience. Anyway, I'm sure you understand.

For the time being at least and considering the setting for the upload I think you have to live with it. Maybe the version 2.0 in beta have a different displayed message (finished) but far I cannot tell

I figured as much. It's fine at this point. At first I thought I was just configuring it wrong, but if that's just the way Deluge is made then so be it. I've currently got it set up to just remove items from the list when they're done.

Anyway, thanks for everything.

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