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Re: Proxy better?

Postby Denniss1001 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:33 pm

Almost never. Use a VPN for torrenting. Use a proxy only for unblocking since a proxy will just change your IP so you can access the same app/site from another region (as in, fool or work your way around it.) If unblocking is your only need and there's no real check on you getting around the application or that website, then a proxy would do to and a VPN would be overkill but other than that, i think VPN gets the edge because of encryption. I've mentioned it elsewhere too. check that out too if you like.

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Re: Proxy better?

Postby mhertz » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:31 am

The encryption is useful for 1 maybe two things; Avoding traffic shaping from your ISP(or atleast making the chances for avoding it better), and if existing - avoiding any possible snooping of your downloads by your ISP.

When you get a DMCA letter from your ISP, then it's generally described by ISPs as being a third-party company which monitors torrent-swarms and collects IPs with infringements of the media firms they represent and then they contact the ISP and let them forward a DMCA letter to you from them. My point is that the most important thing imho is IP masking, which a proxy also does. There have been some rumors that ISPs also monitor themselves what there users download, but that needs alot of time and effort(DPI) and e.g. much torrent-traffic already is encrypted as first try and only gets un-encrypted if the peer isn't supporting it. Still, also for IP masking a VPN is your safest bet because with a proxy we have to rely on the torrent-client itself not leaking our real IP, as the torrent-spec features several mechanisms for that where bugs could occure and which VPNs aren't a subject off in the same way, though we still need proper measures for kill-switch functionality of course.

Lastly, a VPN additionally often features port-forwarding to increase your connectivity(through additionally accepting incoming-connections), though that aside, the missing encryption-overhead of proxy's can make for little faster speed if the bandwidth was the same(and no port-forwarding enabled), and also lightens your CPU load, as openvpn encryption does get a little taxing on faster speeds.

Just my 2 cents on the subject :)

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