UI problem with Deluge

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Re: UI problem with Deluge

Postby Makewa » Thu May 17, 2018 5:04 am

I had this problem on Windows 10 64-bit with 1.3.14 and after upgrade to 1.3.15 with python 2.7 and libtorrent 0.6.5(?) I usually have 10 - 12 torrents seeding and sometimes 1 - 3 downloading.

I manually replaced libtorrent.pyd v.0.6.5 with libtorrent.pyd version and the problem resolved.

Possibly the old libtorrent was for python 2.6? Or there is an incompatibility with current open tracker handling? I would like a much newer version of libtorrent but don't have the skills yet to build in C++ so extracted pyd from the latest msi I could find. (I am not clever enough to realise before that updating deluge does not update libtorrent.)

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Re: UI problem with Deluge

Postby Shryp » Thu May 17, 2018 5:41 pm

Deluge on Windows should update libtorrent as well. They come bundled together as one package. I think when I was using the python 2.6 version on Windows and updated to the python 2.7 version I had to uninstall the old version and delete the INSTALL directory. The DATA directory (with all settings and torrents) was able to be saved.

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