Umask not setting permissions correctly

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Umask not setting permissions correctly

Postby Abbott » Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:56 pm

I am using deluge: 1.3.6 with libtorrent: on Debian Jessie. This is my /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon:

I have `UMASK=003` which should give me rwxrwxr-- but all of my downloaded files are rw-rw-r--. Is there somewhere else that UMASK could be set that would trump the value in the init script?

Edit: Updated to deluge: 1.3.9 and the problem still persists


Re: Umask not setting permissions correctly

Postby spoogecoffer » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:55 am

Similarly I am having an issue with all files being

Code: Select all


with an env umask of 000 in both /etc/init/deluged.conf and deluge-web.conf so the permissions should be

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this is after having done:

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sudo restart deluged
sudo restart deluge-web

It was running a umask of 007 with the expected -rwxrwx--- but I've had to change this to 000 because I can't access any of the files that the user (deluge) creates with my other user (htpc) despite the user htpc belonging to the deluge group. I was having to manually chown -R htpc:htpc .../dowloads/deluge/ everything as the files of course were deluge:deluge. I have my samba conf setup to use the htpc as guest user, and couldn't access the files over that. Nor would they index under xbmc when that were running under htpc.

So that leaves me with umask 000 in the deluge conf but that appears to be broken. Not sure what version of deluge I'm running as I haven't forwarded my ssh through the home firewall and I'm at work at present. It should be whatever is in the ubuntu trusty repos at present though (1.3.6 or .7?)

Edit: On XBMCbuntu which is just a stripped down version of Ubuntu Trusty (14.04). Upstart as per ... ce/Upstart

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Re: Umask not setting permissions correctly

Postby Cas » Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:17 am

This is not a Deluge issue, it is to do with Ubuntu and the permissions you have set up. There does not seem to be anything obviously wrong so it might be worth reading the answers to this umask askubuntu question to see if it gives you any clues:

I actually use ACLs on my 12.04 server but there is a note on the Ubuntu wiki that using ACLs is broken in 14.04.

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