[Request] Add ".part" extension for uncompleted files

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Re: Add ".part" extension for downloading (not completed) files

Postby rado84 » Sat May 04, 2019 1:18 pm

gazpachoking wrote:What you could do (and what I do) is download all your torrents to an incomplete directory and manually set the move completed for each torrent. I was thinking of writing a plugin to do .part file extensions like you wanted, but last time I checked there was no hook in libtorrent for file completed to tie into.

That might have been the case 10 years ago when you wrote the quoted post but nowadays I'm quite sure there is such a hook in libtorrent because qbittorrent uses that library and guess what - qbittorrent does support adding a '!qB' to the incomplete files. You'd probably say "then just use qbittorrent" and I'd say "it loads my CPU to the heavens for doing nothing, when Deluge doesn't do that to my CPU which is why I prefer Deluge".

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