uPNP and Deluge?

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uPNP and Deluge?

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I have seen some older threads on this but nothing seems to apply to what I am seeing.

Running deluge-1.3.13-osx-x64-0 in macOS Sierra over a VPN and the VPN seems to be the issue for me. Not sure that uPNP requests are getting to the router properly (dd-wrt with uPNP turned on, no specific port forwarding).

When I turned the VPN off, the torrent started and worked fast.

Looks like I can't start a torrent with the VPN on: I have to fire it up without a VPN and then turn that on once it's started.

If I test with http://www.deluge-torrent.org/test-port.php?port=62162 it says the port is closed, as does the Preference pane in Deluge. The test page fails even without the VPN so I'm not sure how accurate it is for me.

Seeding is going on and the router has that port active in the uPNP screen.

I just tested it once more and it seems to be something about the magnet link/metadata. Once that is sorted out, the VPN can be turned on. But the torrent won't start otherwise.
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