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[Plugin] resume v0.1

Posted: Mon May 17, 2021 4:52 pm
by mhertz
Probably not very useful for most, but anyway here's a plugin I made which on every deluge startup(deluged, or standalone), checks torrents for paused or error state, and paused items gets resumed and error'ed items gets force_recheck'ed and resumed a sec later, as needed to begin downloading again in my tests.

I tested by adding two torrents and mid-download pausing one of them, quiting deluge, deleting the content from the other and upon next startup both got resumed when having plugin enabled, instead of both stalled without.

This was made as help and practise, from a recent PM correspondence where such usecase brought up, as having deluged crashing issues and upon automatic restart(from NSSM service or task-scheduler with custom script), then sometimes torrents stalled in pause or error state at startup, needing manual intervention of resume/force-recheck, which this plugin eliminates need of.


(deluge2 plugin, not tested if works on deluge1)