[Plugin] reannounce v0.1 - force reannounce every x secs.

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[Plugin] reannounce v0.1 - force reannounce every x secs.

Postby mhertz » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:59 pm

I took praddy's Randomize plugin and hacked it a bit. Before it would check if incoming port was firewalled every x secs and if it was then use another port and reannounce once(he had ISP problems with them blocking his ports). Now all port-related stuff is removed and it will force reannounce every x secs, default 120, but can be changed in '~/.config/deluge/reannounce.conf', which is generated at first run(deluge default is 600 secs).

Tested working on latest stable deluge v1.3.15 and latest git-develop(v2.0 beta).

Note, it's not recommended setting the interval too low as you can get banned by trackers and it's also considered rude - Use at your own risk and don't blame me! The default interval is already stretching it! (I used 2 minutes as default because that was listed as minimum recommended in a guide about hacking rtorrent + also used as default in hrktorrent.)

I recommend using ltConfig by ratanak additionally and enabling at-least 'announce_to_all_trackers/tiers'.

An easy method to check the plugin is working, is with ipmagnet and then it should update your IP info every 2 minutes(default), or whatever you've defined as interval in 'reannounce.conf', instead of 10 minutes(deluge default).

The link gets disabled after 100 days without download, so if it dies, or you need another python version(link is py2.7), then give me a shout.

http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi ... 9293283814

All credits goes to praddy and his Randomize plugin. The GPL'd code is in the egg.

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