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Download archives partially

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:03 pm
by Tithen-Firion
Basically I want to download just the selected files from archive (actually UDF filesystem inside .iso file but you can treat it as an archive too). I've seen it already in Free Download Manager for .zip files downloaded with direct link but I want it for torrents and I want it for other archive types.

Ideally it would display archives as folders on "files" tab. No extraction involved though, leave it for external extractors. Something like:
  1. (Files tab) Right click on file and select something like "download partially"
  2. Plugin prioritizes pieces according to the file extension to download archive file list
  3. When done show files on "Files" tab under archive
  4. Download only selected files
But is this possible in Deluge?
Can you edit "Files" tab? (this one is optional but would be neat, separate tab is still fine)
Can you read file while still downloading? (I couldn't with 7-zip, it worked only after pausing)
How do you "convert" byte ranges to piece number?
Can you use other plugins? "Pieces" already does great job, can you use it from another plugin?