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Pause Downloads due to HDD limit reach?

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:36 pm
by DarkSlave
Is there such a plugin that will have a pre-selected HDD space limit, say 500MB left - a Gig - whatever, and when Deluge REACHES or reads that the HDD has that limit, to PAUSE all the "downloading" torrents so the system doesn't reach a 0 space limit, which will render the system to crash, as there is no space to write logs or anything, and won't boot afterwards as it has no space to write a log or anything. Maybe let the user know via the GUI, email, or something that Deluge has paused the downloads due to such limit being reached.

For some reason my torrent box has twice fully locked up due to reaching a 0 space on the SD card, as Deluge just continue downloading until it filled it, and for some reason (thinking loss my LAN connection or something) and it didn't move the COMPLETED files (maybe they were still seeding or something) but the card got full and crashed the system.

If such plugin ALREADY exist, please be kind enough and point me that way, if not, maybe a project for you, the awesome programmer that loves helping the community from ideas that come from users like myself that has no idea how to write them :D

Thanks in advance!

Re: Pause Downloads due to HDD limit reach?

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:42 am
by shamael

Why not put the D/L on a dedicated partition and the system/logs/etc on a system partition? On my side I never mix the system partition with anything else so even the logs are on a different mount point. Not a solution but this best practice will help in the meanwhile ;)