[UNRAR] [WIN]: **NEW** Guide to auto-process .rar torrents via Sonarr w/o Drone Factory

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[UNRAR] [WIN]: **NEW** Guide to auto-process .rar torrents via Sonarr w/o Drone Factory

Postby seanvree » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:38 am

A lot of dudes were pissed when the Sonarr ( https://sonarr.tv/ ) devs decided to do away with the Drone Factory. I'm not sure if Radarr (https://radarr.video/) is planning the same, however this method streamlines the entire process w/o using the drone factory with VERY minimal effort or software.

I have a pretty complicated rig, and for the first time since using Sonarr when it was launched - I don't have to worry about F-ing .RARed torrents anymore. This has been tested solid, and takes about 15 minutes of configuration. Don’t let the length of the guide fool you, I go into the weeds for the noobs out there.

https://forums.sonarr.tv/t/unrar-win-ne ... tory/15381

Huge shout out to Taloth and Clinton-hall for their help.

P.S. This is for Windows users. I really don't need to hear about docker or some VM ****. I run Windows because I hate CLI and I like pretty colors and ****. If you have a constructive addition to the issue at hand, cool, but please don't suggest new software this is about as minimal as it gets.

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