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Priority Levels

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:01 am
by Briil
I've seen the options regarding sequential downloading, but I was hoping that someone might know of a way to simply add more levels to the priorities that you can assign within a torrent.

For example, let's say a torrent has 19 files, and you need the first one immediately, the next 4 fairly quick, and the last 5 don't matter at all (but you still want to download them). Ideally, in this situation you would have at least 4 levels
File #1:Highest Priority
File #2-5:Very High Priority
File #6-14:High Priority
File #15-19:Normal Priority

Basically, what I'm wondering is: Is there a simple way to add a couple extra priority levels? Having only 3 (+1 for "do not download") is mildly limiting to me.
5 levels would be so much better! (1=Highest, 2=Very High, 3=High, 4=Medium-High, 5=Normal, and 6=Do Not Download)