Greater control of File Checking

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Greater control of File Checking

Postby aninhumer » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:06 pm

There have been many times before, when after a crash, Deluge has insisted on rechecking ALL of my GBs of torrents.

I think there should be a plugin that allows people to cancel this check, and assume a file is okay (obviously it should be used carefully, and probably should be combined with a recheck option, in case people accidentally cancel a check on an incomplete file).
This would mean that people could cancel checks on torrents that they know are complete, and save time after crashes.

Additionally deluge seems to check files in a pretty arbitrary order, often, it will take forever to get to a torrent that I want quickly, I think there should be options to control which torrent to check first, and allowing pausing checks on torrents that aren't as important.

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