Blocklist - does it help for anonymity? Was bringen Blockl.?

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Blocklist - does it help for anonymity? Was bringen Blockl.?

Postby StN » Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:12 am

I want to start a discussion about the blocklist plugin. I like it being there, but what´s it good for?
As far as I understand the process of downloading with bittorrent, the tracker informs any peer of me participating in the download process. So even if my client refuses connection with that "malicious" peer, this peer already knows me being there.
So the purpose is eg. for not connecting to sources known to give bad/corrupted data, but doesn´t help for anonymity.

Is this right?

Und nochmal auf deutsch:
Ich möchte den Sinn des Blocklist-Plugins, bzw. Sinn von Blocklists allgemein, in Bezug auf Anonymität diskutieren.
Soweit ich die BT Technik verstehe, werden die Peers doch trotzdem vom Tracker über "meine" Downloadbeteiligung informiert. Was bringt es da, "bösen" Peers den Connect mit mir zu Verbieten, bzw. sie nicht in meine Peerliste aufzunehmen?
Sicher sehe ich einen Vorteil, keine wahrscheinlich korrumpierten Daten herunterzuladen, aber in Bezug auf Anonymität hilft das doch nicht? Oder?


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Re: Blocklist - does it help for anonymity? Was bringen Blockl.?

Postby daddy » Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:23 pm

My understanding (and IANAL) is that your IP in the tracker isn't enough--for one thing, it's easy for someone to connect to a tracker and give it any address they want (this is useful if you want/need your HTTP traffic to go through a proxy, but not your bittorrent traffic. Also, if you force protocol encryption and use an encrypted proxy for tracker communication it makes it *very* hard for your ISP to know which traffic is bittorrent).

Also, some people claim it speeds things up since they're not connecting to as many illegitimate peers. My guess is this is true, but only to a very small extent.

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