Auto Remove Torrent Suggestion and Question

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Auto Remove Torrent Suggestion and Question

Postby tuckerman » Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:10 am

Hello, with the remove at ratio tickbox for autoadding of torrents. When the torrent is autoremoved does it also autoremove data or just the torrent ?

With working towards a completly automated solution it would be good if it could fully remove the torrent. Also It would be useful if you could say if Torrent inactive for x days remove torrent and data (some torrents if there is low demand would never reach the required ratio to be auto removed).

Also with the moving of the file after download it would be good if you could also copy to another location or copy rather than move. This would enable you to keep seeding the download and still run operations on the file such as using programs like theRenamer etc :)

While Deluge does seem a little buggier than Utorrent it's addition of the automation features makes it a more complete solution. Great Work :P


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