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Postby eternalsword » Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:39 am

Thought I'd post this now that the 0.5.3rc1 has been released.

I am the author of TorrentNotifications and have been helping with deluge development in general, though not as an official developer.
I am known as eternalswd on #deluge irc channel and my real name is Micah Bucy

Please report any problems you have with this plugin here and not in trac, support, etc.

This plugin listens for the event recorded when torrents finish downloading

This plugin so far has two options:
1) Make the tray icon blink
2) Popup a notification listing up to maximum ten files downloaded within torrent (requires python-notification also called pynotify)
3) Play a sound (requires pygame)

Coming later, remove any files marked to not be downloaded from files list for torrent

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