[Plugin] YaRSS2 - RSS plugin with GTKUI support

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Re: [Plugin] YaRSS2 - RSS plugin with GTKUI support

Post by ryanoc3ros »

Thanks for the response, I tried your suggestion but didn't get anything productive, however you comment about the proxy setup gave me the idea to look down that path. I eventually stumbled upon this FAQ for binhex-delugeVPN: https://github.com/binhex/documentation ... faq/vpn.md

The RSS feed I was using was coming from Jackett, which was utilizing privoxy from the delugeVPN docker. I guess the latest version of delugeVPN tightened up the IP tables which broke some connectivity. Following A27 from that link, I added the Jackett port, 9117, to "VPN_OUTPUT_PORTS" and everything seems to be working now. Thanks for your help! Hopefully these steps help someone else in the future.
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Re: [Plugin] YaRSS2 - RSS plugin with GTKUI support

Post by mhertz »

Great, nice catch mate, happy to hear you fixed your issue and thank you for posting your solution additionally, that's helpful indeed :) I now also remember reading actually binhex tightening up the iptables rules after some suggestions by users, when visiting his github shortly ago in other means, but didn't make the mental correlation though myself - good job.
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