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Column sorting order

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I can't figure out what algorithm Deluge uses to sort its rows.

When you sort by the # column, the rows with no # seem to revert to some order that makes no sense to me.
Or when you sort by name then by "save path", the order within each path group reverts back to a nonsensical order again.

It would be useful to, say, sort by name, then sort by # or path but leave the rows within each group in the order they are now in.

Alternatively, have the ability to sort by 2 or more columns.

I occasionally want to sort by path and see the rows in each path sorted in alphabetical order so I can reconcile the rows with the folder contents. It is very time-consuming and prone to errors doing it with the current sort algorithm.

Please consider adding this feature. I know it has been asked for in the past (not by me) but that request seems to have been overlooked.
I am sure this would benefit a lot of users.

Perhaps this is something that a plugin might be able to do.

I was put off using Deluge by this feature alone but had to come back because of issues with the other client I used (but that's a different story for a different forum).

In case it makes a difference I am running Deluge 1.3.15 on Windows 8.1.

Thank you
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