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Feature request: "Strip URLs from filenames"

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 3:41 pm
by 1337ingDisorder
Without a doubt my biggest current pet peeve with torrents is when release groups shoehorn their website URL into the actual filename of the files being downloaded.

It was bad enough when there would be some web url appended to the end of the filename, but groups have started doing this at the beginning of filenames now and it's one of the most obnoxious trends to ever hit the internet. It messes up file order in directories and results in not being able to find the torrent you downloaded because instead of the filename starting with, say, the letter 'A' as you expect, it now starts with "" and is way way down in the file list with the 'W's.

It would be so great if Deluge just had an option you could enable that would automatically rename any file it finds with www.* or *.com to strip out the URL. It could keep a record of file renames, so when sharing the data upstream to peers the torrent would effectively remain unaltered, but it would remedy the problem on the local filesystem.