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[Feature Request] - Support automatically blocking spy IPs

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:54 pm
by ellis
Or in other words support privacy protection.

What I am calling a spy IP is a client that connects to you and doesn't participate in the file sharing. It won't accept content but more likely won't give content.

Given websites like this that monitor your activity on torrents:

It would be great to have built in optional protection. There should be a way to detect these spy IPs.

I'm not familiar enough with how torrents work but it would be something like detecting which IPs are not serving any content or which IPs are not downloading any content and block those IPs from connecting to you. There can be different levels of protection, aggressive or more relaxed. Aggressive would be just straight block any IP with that won't serve content within 1 minute.

It would be great to list them and give a warning, where you can manually see which IPs are the suspect spy IPs.

Something similar would be if Deluge can estimate your bandwidth and when you are downloading/uploading a torrent it can know that you are about at that limit and therefore block all other IPs from connecting to you.