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add torrents in paused state enhancements

Postby lvm » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:19 am

caveat: I am on 1.3.15 - the latest available for my version of ubuntu, it works perfectly, and I am a great believer in 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' maxim. If these enhancements are available in the latest version just say so and I will upgrade.

1. Usually I use 'add torrents in paused state' when I want to download only some of the files of the torrent, and as I do it infrequently this option is normally disabled, i.e. for me the typical usage scenario is: enable the option, add the torrent, mark files I don't want to download, resume the torrent, disable the option. And sometimes I forget to disable it. To avoid this mistake and to make this process more efficient I'd like to see 'add next torrent in paused state' option which is automatically disabled after one torrent has been added. Or maybe add 'add this torrent in paused state' to file-add torrent dialogue.

2. When magnet link is added in paused state file information is not available until the torrent is resumed. When magnet links are added as paused I'd like deluge to retrieve file information immediately but hold the actual download.

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