PhpBB too old, for Suggestions and feedback

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PhpBB too old, for Suggestions and feedback

Postby amaroc1 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:43 am

I know that you guys from old school, and its not hard for you register on forum etc.

But its realy too long and too boring, with your questions about paypal and topmost distro and activations.
Its 2018 year and appears new products wich much better for things like suggestions and feedback:
Add site like this:
- here easy login (without boring register)
- just one click facebook or google.
- it give notification by email to user, when topic (suggestion) is accepted or request rejected or someone coment it. Very usable. I went back to Termius after they add auto copy function wich i want (like in putty). More users its better. So it add more conversion and can bring old users back.
- also there users can vote for new function or suggestions so you can use this information for prioritets.

Ofc all this function you can add easily to PHPBB if you want to make it easier to give feedback or suggestions. But i think this product better and easier to use then Phpbb2.


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