so many oversights

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so many oversights

Postby kirt231 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:01 pm

first off you guys make the registration process nearly impossible to complete. what kind of security questions are [admin: redacted] this process does nothing except make me feel like you guys make it nearly impossible so people cant come on here and point out stupid things like this to you guys.

and why does deluge not understand that its opening an egg file? is it that hard to add a few lines of code that actually check to see what type of file was opened instead of just assuming everything is a torrent file. it would save users so much time if they could just install the plugin in one step by opening the egg file, deluge opens, analyzes the file, sees that its an egg file and calls on the plug in install process. and boom done. but nooo... we have to open deluge manually dive into the settings, open the file explorer AGAIN and dive into it AGAIN when we already had the egg file right in front off us after downloading it, good devs are supposed to save users steps especially if can be solved with some simple code. but hey who the hell am i anyway? just someone that makes too much simple sense for a such a crazy complex application. gosh deluge must be very complex.

and your forums cant be smart enough to automatically save a draft before you go and just log us out after 5 mins. like this website has more security than my damn bank does, so again this website application and the whole process makes me feel like you guys know that your not doing a good job with this application and your tired of having people point that out to you. its the only logical explanation for all of this non sense. so many simple fixes that will probably continue to be ignored.

will you guys ever update the plugins? i dont know why the scheduler exists because i t does not work at all and its buggy as hell, they green boxes turn yellow and the yellow ones turn green randomly, deluge does not even listen to the scheduler.

come on, it so bad, the simple things you guys get soo fucking wrong.
might have to go back to ad filled uttorent cuz at least their **** just WORKS.
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Re: so many oversights

Postby Cas » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:45 pm

kirt231 wrote:registration process nearly impossible to complete

I have answered this many times on this forum; spam bots are a persistent problem and those questions stop 99% of them registering. The questions cannot be any easier.

kirt231 wrote: deluge not understand that its opening an egg file

It certainly does if you use the correct dialog:

kirt231 wrote:forums cant be smart enough to automatically save a draft

Don't see this as an issue. Your browser usually stores form text, plus the full editor has a save draft function.

kirt231 wrote:ever update the plugins

Yes: ... 1.3-stable

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