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Locally downloaded state & move for seedboxes

Postby topbanana » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:20 am

When using Seedboxes, we need a way of knowing if the finished torrent data has been downloaded to our local machines, and moved to another folder to keep the "completed" folder tidy when accessing with FTP... Then is can sit there seeding...

I have this setup:
Torrents download to a "downloading" folder.
Completed torrents are set to be moved to a "completed" folder.
When i have FTP'd the files down to my local machine, i then manually right-click on the torrent (or many) and 'Move Storage' to a "downloaded" folder.
This then keeps the "completed" folder clean, containing only the torrent files that need to be FTP'd down.

As almost all seedboxes will be used in this manner, torrents downloading, completed and locally downloaded, Deluge could make this workflow slick.

An obvious possible method is an optional column to add that has a tickbox.
When the user has finished FTPing the file down, they could tick the box on the torrent's row and it would trigger to deluge to move the torrent files from the 'completed' folder to the users 'downloaded' folder. Done in one click.

The move could be optional, as some users might only want the locally downloaded status, but not the move.
The downloaded state is included in the existing 'States' in the GUI, so that the user could filter which torrents have/haven't been locally downloaded yet.
This feature probably doesn't have any use on a local installation, only on seedboxes, so the column say, would be enabled for seedbox use.

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