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Re-check filenames only

Postby scifibob » Fri May 26, 2017 7:49 pm

After recovering after several force re-checks of torrents in my client, I would like a function to check the filenames in the torrent file.

When I do a force re-check, libtorrent (I guess) starts to validate all the files it finds in the torrent file.
If by mistake one of the files are named wrong, it fails on that file, and you have to do another full check to recover after renaming the target file.

I'm pretty sure that thousands of users out there have the same problem, and also are pretty pissed off when a few files fails because of a name mismatch.
I'm tired of renaming files, and then running a full re-scan. It takes A LOT of my time.

Therefore I suggest a function that checks all the filenames in the torrent against the real filenames on disk, and warns when there is a mismatch.
A future function might even offer a way to rename those files in question, but for now, a quick check of filenames would be welcomed.

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