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I2P tracker announce issues

Postby m-ajiao » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:40 am

Hello, Deluge!

I tried to make Deluge route traffic through the I2P network. I downloaded the I2P plugin made by the I2P co-developer COMiX. The tracker postman.i2p returns an error message: "invalid destination in your announce."

I2P developers told me that the implementation of SAM control protocol in the official libtorrent is not complete. The b32 announce protocol was not implemented, and only b64 announce protocol was implemented, but it is not supported by postman.i2p tracker.

COMiX recommend I compile Deluge with his forked version of libtorrent-rasterbar https://github.com/l-n-s/libtorrent-i2p It is just too much configuration :(

I was surprised that even though libtorrent partially supports I2P, even though the forked version has been released back in 2015, b32 announce implementation haven't yet been merged into the actively maintained official libtorrent.

Instead of hacking the source code of libtorrent, I am thinking about implementing b32 announce in a plugin. The plugin development docs on the wiki doesn't have detailed information on some APIs. (1) Is there some APIs that can be used in the plugin to override the tracker announce methods? (2) Is there any way to log the GET /announce header to the console for debugging purpose?

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