UI Suggestion: Del/Enter should delete torrent

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Akira Erebos

UI Suggestion: Del/Enter should delete torrent

Postby Akira Erebos » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:40 pm

Hi all

I am using Deluge more than one year and i still have mildly inconvenience with one simple user interface interaction.

When torrent is highlighted, and I hit the Delete key, it brings delete dialog, which is pretty much standard in Windows OS and applications.
But in this dialog, Cancel is selected, so when you hit Enter for confirmation, nothing happens.

You must grab a mouse and click Delete torrent, or hit Delete, then right arrow key twice and then Enter.

I think this is unusual behavior. Key Delete is for deleting and Enter is for confirmation, so it doesn't make sense when after pressing Delete and Enter nothing happens.

Is it just me or is this frustrating for other people too?

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Re: UI Suggestion: Del/Enter should delete torrent

Postby mhertz » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:32 pm

I don't use the GUI(only deluge-console), but I agree with you. It's obviously for "fail-safe'ing", but it shouldn't be dumbed down to the point that it interferes for normal(thinking) users imho. Just my opinion and of course respect the devs decision as it's there app.

Also, maybe that is the default way in gnome/file-managers or some of the other linux DEs, but I wouldn't know as always used just a WM and coreutils.

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