thin-client gui lists many torrents in 'error'

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thin-client gui lists many torrents in 'error'

Postby pjlbyrne » Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:37 am


I have been running a deluged daemon on a debian server and accessing it from a thin-client on my windows laptop. Both were built relatively recently (March?) from the development branch and worked ok.

Since I just upgraded my windows machine to 64-bit Windows 7 (from 32-bit) I rebuilt deluge on both windows and linux, from a fresh git clone of the development branch this morning.

Now, when the thin client connects it lists around 1/4 of my torrents in 'error' in the sidebar. If I select them the details pane shows them to be 'ok'.
If I ssh to the server and start deluge-console then it shows no torrents in error.

So, there seems to be a problem in the gui where it lists torrents in error when they ain't?

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