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"Paused" torrents start uploading

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:25 am
by bro

I have about 1000 torrents seeding and there is a bug when pausing and resuming many of them. I have only encountered the issue when pausing and resuming many hundreds at a time, but I'm not sure exactly what causes the bug. (if it's the large number of torrents or something else that triggers the bug)

Anyway, the bug is that not all of the torrents are shown as seeding after they're resumed. The reason I noticed the bug is that some of the torrents (that apparently did not get resumed) started uploading, so apparently the daemon resumed them, but report to the client that they are paused.
Reconnecting/restarting the client does not help, but after restarting the daemon the torrents are no longer shown as paused.