Thoughts on command line interface...

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Thoughts on command line interface...

Postby asmageddon » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:57 pm

  • When using info, only print "[state, X%] shortened name... U/D speeds"
  • Display details with -v
  • Display more details with -vv
  • Allow info, rm, recheck, etc. to take other arguments aside from torrent name/id. E.g. "Downloading", "Seeding", "Paused", "Finished", "Unfinished"
  • Add status command that will display properly formatted and colored info about how much torrents are currently seeding/downloading/etc. as well as top N torrents bandwidth-wise(as much as space permits)
  • Unless using -v, only print as much characters of the ID/hash as is needed to identify the torrent +1-2. It takes a lot of space.
And a general idea: When file is located in /media/filesystem/..., don't even start downloading, don't set it to 0%. Print a warning and pause it.

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