Use trac 0.10.3

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Use trac 0.10.3

Postby shirish » Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:57 pm

Hi all,
There are no. of tickets which people write. Now it would be cool if we use trac 0.10.3 as it gives a pretty accurate idea as to which tickets are accepted & which are not. This would be more accurate to know what bugs are being worked on for this & which are going to be at 0.6 or further up somewhere. As I can see now, we have beta 1 for 0.51 while there are something like 81 tickets which are active which I guess would not make in 0.51 . So it would be cool if the developers can review the tickets & put them so we know where they stand up in roadmap. Comments, suggestions welcome :)
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