auto periodic backup of torrents.state ?

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auto periodic backup of torrents.state ?

Postby anomaly65 » Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:09 pm

Hey guys,

I ran into previously mentioned checking issue (yes, even in 1.1.2) (gentoo linux, 2.6.27r7 kernel; your ebuild, all compiler optimization disabled)

I tried the suggested steps:
1- un-automanage the torrent (went ok)
2- pause the torrent (did this with a select all; POOF program died ; restarted deluge segfaulted as soon as it reached the word "sS'paused'" in ~/.config/deluge/state/torrents.state )

That one sorta "bit". Even removing that offender caused all torrents to look 'reset' as new.

One gotcha in the scheme is that I change storage into another directory (same raid5 array) according to what it might be, but still let deluge seed when needed. Lost all that info too.

Perhaps if a periodic backup of torrents.state were kept, (and/or any other files that keep track of the larger picture!) it may be a simple way to keep folks from tearing out hair :-)

So, thanks for the good work.


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Re: auto periodic backup of torrents.state ?

Postby darude » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:52 pm

hi anomayl85,

this sounds like a really good idea.
I ran into the same problems a couple of time since a few months.
It's pretty annoying to remove the state files, because the daemon stucks at corrupt state files, god knows which files are responsible for that problem.

Well, that problem could probably worked around with an easy cronjob, but it would be a nice thing for the rest of the people out there.

ty for reading, darude

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Re: auto periodic backup of torrents.state ?

Postby mojoxojom » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:03 am

Oh hey, I stopped bitching about it lately (trying out that patience thing) but I too have been having problems with losing state when Deluge has crashed for some reason. One time it was that my server ran out of disk space. I have nearly 500 seeding torrents now and every time it screws up, I have to carefully go through my saved .torrent files and add them all back in after deleting the ~/.config/state folder (renaming it and creating a new empty state folder, actually). At the moment I am only really running about 250 as I had problems yet again, mostly from fiddling with removing / re-adding torrents to get around the infernal re-checking stoppages. I have seen progress here so I am working that patience thing, but it has been a real pain in the ass. Mainly because I have so many flipping torrents to re-add each time, so if it chokes it throws the lot. I now have 1.1.3 running happily on the server, I am just going to migrate them all to that instance so I can quit running the core instance on the desktop altogether. I would love an automated backup of the state files, in case anything happens again (disk space maxes, storm takes the box down, etc). But in the mean time I too am going to just create a cron job for myself.

~ mojo ~

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