Tracker Editor - New Feature Request (possibly)

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Tracker Editor - New Feature Request (possibly)

Postby adelphiaUK » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:35 am


I am currently going though all my torrents to update the trackers to make (some very old) torrent files use more up to date trackers by means of the "Default Tracker" plugin.

What I have found though is that some of my torrents have 160+ trackers and to manually remove each and every one from numerous torrent files is very tedious and takes an absolute age to clean them out.

Unless there is a method of doing this already, this is the new feature request and, as far as I can tell (being a programmer, although not in Python), it shouldn't be too much of an addition.

Can you add the ability to multi select entries in the "tracker" list and also a "clear list" button to empty the list completely with one click?

Something else, which will take a bit more coding, and that is to enable multiple torrents to be edited simultaneously to clear / add / remove rather than to do each torrent individually.

I know you're busy with real life stuff now but I'm keen to keep on with Deluge now that I have it (almost) working the way I want it to and it's so much easier to configure than a lot of other cross-platform server/clients.

I await your reply oh humble one.

Oh, one last thing; is Patreon a language thing where you are (which could be anywhere as far as I know) as in most native English speaking countries the word is Patron rather than Patreon.

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