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Deluge Tracker Error

Post by Flyier »

The tracking in deluge isn't currently working, when i start a torrent I get "connecting" and nothing happen unsure why it's happening the ports should be open or is deluge using some extra ports that you can't set up in the preferences?

I started it though the console and didn't get any error messege but when I did activate the log plugin did I get a error message saying the following from the tracker "tracker error: (address to tracker) status code 0". Is it the tracker or deluge?

Before this error occured did I get a other problem, the tracker didn't update correctly som somthing i got like at switch betweem
Filename: Seeders Leechers:
something x(y) x(y)
something 0(0) 0(0)

The tracker is working as I can use a other client and get connected

DHT - disabled
NAT-PMP - disabled
UPnP - disabled
PeX - disabled

Using: Ubuntu 7.1

Some small notes: Why do the blocklist get updated every time i start deluge even if i have disabled "load on startup"
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Re: Deluge Tracker Error

Post by johnnyg »

In deluge, go to Preferences->Network, and click Test Active Port.
That will open a page and tell you if deluge is able to connect via that port.

If it can't, which I'm assuming is the problem, the simplest option would be to specify the port used in the other bittorrent client which is able to connect. You can also re-enable DHT, UPnP and PeX. You only need to enable NAT-PMP if you're behind a NAT router.

As for the side note: everytime you start up deluge, the blocklist needs to import the IPs from the locally stored list. It's not actually updating the list. By enabling "Download on start", you're telling it to download a fresh copy of the list whenever deluge starts.
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