Any way to reduce memory when using Deluge

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Re: Any way to reduce memory when using Deluge

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Is there a reason people aren't using the thin client setup instead of the gtk? That's what I've always used, and never had any memory issues... ... ThinClient
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Re: Any way to reduce memory when using Deluge

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The thin client is `deluge-gtk` unless you're referring to `deluge-console` or `deluge-web`. The difference b/w the thin client and the "full" standalone client is that `deluge-gtk`—in thin client mode—is not calling/managing deluged itself, it only connects to and interacts with it. Additionally, when operating as a thin client, you can [singly] connect to multiple instances of `deluged` servers across any network which affords access to a `deluged` connection, e.g., if you opened the control ports on your router, gave me your IP address, account info, etc., there is no reason why my thin client couldn't control your `deluged` instance.

Switch back and forth b/w stand-alone and TC mode to see the difference:

Anyway, as you can see, I'm running in TC mode so this suggestion is, unfortunately, moot.
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