[Bug report] Display error : "Ratio" column hidden to the far right

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[Bug report] Display error : "Ratio" column hidden to the far right

Postby apres moi le deluge » Thu Mar 04, 2021 5:56 pm

Hi everyone and thanks for the great work devs are doing with Deluge. It's far better than what I have used so far. Which is why I am taking the time to report this "bug".

I am running Linux Mint 20.1 x86_64 on 15" laptop.

When opening Deluge for the first I time, if I choose to display the "Ratio" column, it does not show up.
It turns out it is hidden in the far right of the window. It does not even show up when the window is maximised.
The trick is to unmaximize the window, moving it to the far left while avoiding snapping to the border of the screen and make the window wider to the right and then it shows up.
After you make the Ratio column closer, it behaves normally when unselecting/reselecting the column.
I have not tried yet to see if it happens for other columns yet as I suspect it might.

It might not seem like much but it took me some time to figure it out and I am not sure everybody will. I am taking the time to report it because it might put off first time users thinking "it don't work" and it would be a pity to deprive the world of such great software :)

Am I the only one to have experienced this on a first install ?

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Re: [Bug report] Display error : "Ratio" column hidden to the far right

Postby mhertz » Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:51 pm

Yeah, it's an issue i've also seen with other columns, so know the problem - I just make the shown columns smaller untill the new one(s) show and then resize acordingly, but agree it would be better if had some logic taken current length of tab-bar into equation and e.g. dividing equally with enabled tabs. Agreed, the devs do great job :) Usually the propper way to report stuff is on the bugtracker, but also needs you to register there etc. Thanks for reporting.

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