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deluge docker and sonarr issues

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2021 1:55 pm
by chenks
hi, looking for some help with my deluge installation running in docker on synology NAS.
container is set up and deluge is running, however i am having major problems with the mount point for downloads.

the physical location on the NAS is /data/downloads/torrents.
i've tried creating the /downloads mount point as /data, /data/downloads and /data/downloads torrent.
however, no matter what i set the "downloads to" path in deluge preferences the downloaded files end up the correct place, but sonarr point blank refuses to see the files, usually ending up looking in the wrong place - example /downloads/downloads/torrents.

i have transmission set up in a docker container, and the mount point i used for that was /data and i have no issues with downloads or sonarr seeing the downloads.

any advice where i'm going wrong?