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Reseeding files

Postby MarkBolton » Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:43 pm

Hi, I moved some files after downloading and need to reseed them. I moved the files back, changed the folder and file names back to the original names but when I click on the torrent and do the "force re-check", it still starts the download and doesn't show it as complete/start the re-seed. Still haven't figured out a good way to move files after downloading while keep it seeding (using Unraid) if anyone has any tips. Help appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Reseeding files

Postby shamael » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:49 am

Do you need to move them? I Centralized my files on my torrent box, seeding, and shared the folder with Kodi. It works like a charm

If you do, the info from the torrent file are the one to be checked:
add the torrent file in a paused state in Deluge
move the file to the location mentioned in the torrent or change the location in the file tab of the torrent file
conserve the filename and folder stricture
confirm the permission: folders and files should have proper permission so the Deluge user can manage it #maybe your issue
Resume when done

I do this many time per week, no problem. The pause state avoid any download if the force-recheck failed so you can correct whatever need to be.

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