stuck in tracker announce

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stuck in tracker announce

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when I run deluge, after a while it seems have http issues so that trackers stuck in "Announce sent" state and doesn't get to "Announce OK".
if I kill deluge and run it again it works for a while.

UPDATE: maybe it is related to net issues too so that when my net goes down or becomes very congested deluge gets stuck in announce sent.

I use the scheduler and I have set deluge to not count slow torrents.

i noticed that I seems the whole http tracker part of deluge is stuck, as in other torrents that are in the queue and are not actively moved to downloading group are also stuck in announce sent.
it seems that deluge gets their peer/seed info when I first start deluge( and scheduler starts the torrents) and so if I move a torrent that is stuck in announce sent but also has seeds number shown in front of it to the top, deluge start that and it downloads from the seeds that it got from tracker way before https part becomes stuck.
but I cant make the "announce sent" go to "announce ok" or even remove that massage with pausing and unpausing a torrent or using update trackers button.

If i start a torrent that was in pause mode so dint actually had a tracker massage it also get stuck in announce sent massage.

also I see a long interval for next announce, like 22h and it is the same for all torrents and it changes (22h 4m to 22h 3m) for all torrents together.

I see no error in the info log that I get from deluge.

the more weird part is that it doesnt move from stuck torrents (which are private tracker torrent with no seed) to the next torrent in queue. eve though I have selected "ignore slow torrents"

and I checked with deluge-console I see this for torrents
State: Downloading
Downloaded: 0 B/2.9 GiB
Uploaded: 0 B Ratio: -
Seeds: 0 (-1)
Peers: 0 (-1)
Tracker: says "OK"

so inside console it says "OK" but in gui it is stuck in sent and if it doesnt have cached seeds from before it says zero seeds even though it is a private torrent with a lot of seeds.

also I am trying to use deluge-console for debug massages with
deluge-console -c /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/ -l /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/deluge.log -L debug
but it just show the deluge-console ui massages not the actual deluged debug massages.
and when I use deluge-console -c /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/ debug on I see a deluged.log file created but it is empty.
am I missing something here?

If I use deluged -c /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/ -L debug I have to have a shell open on my laptop to my lan deluge server for along time and it is not practical.
if I use screen like "screen -dmS deluged deluged -c /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/ -L debug" it terminated the screen after some seconds but deluge will be running so I cant see the logs that way.
and if I use file for log it gets big fast.

I now use "deluged -c /mnt/mydata/apps/app-data/deluge/ -l /run/user/1000/deluge.log -L debug --logrotate" to see if I can find our more tonight. (info didnt show anything)
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